• Security testing of security products 
    • Antiviruses (HIPS)
    • Backup solutions
    • Anti-ransomware solutions
    • Anti-cryptojacking (cryptomining) solutions
    • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
    • etc.
  • Malware analysis
  • Customized malware sandboxes
  • Threat intelligence data (Yara rules, Network IoCs, IDS/IPS rules, C&C links, others) 
Research & Development
  • AI / ML methods and models for cyberattacks detection and malware analysis
  • Advanced Malware Analysis course (7.5 ETCS in the EU master program in cybersecurity) 
  • Reverse engineering (x86, ARM) course 
  • Machine Learning in cybersecurity course 
  • Threat hunting training 
  • Threat modeling training 
  • Cloud security training 
  • Incident response training
  • Supervising Master and PhD students

e-mail: ada (at)